Amy Abattoir: Boy Overlooking

Abattoir, boy overlooking

May 17 – June 21st, 2016

Front Window Gallery is thrilled to present Amy Abattoir‘s Boy Overlooking. In this beguiling painting, Abattoir deftly co-mingles the familiar with the surreal, while casting a broad range of emotions over the entire scene with deceptively simple narrative elements. The introspective experience of the lone figure of a boy standing on a bridge is mirrored in the watery, wintery, almost monochromatic landscape in which he is placed. By setting up visual and metaphoric dichotomies, such as what is inside versus what is outside, Abattoir’s Boy Overlooking poses more questions than answers. Is this merely a nostalgic scene of innocent childhood exploration, or something slightly more sinister? And it’s in this charged not-really-knowing-what’s-happening arena that Abattoir suspends the viewer, creating a palpable tension that holds everything together.