Karin Waskiewicz: Fate

Karin Waskiewicz
Fate, 2010; 45 x 60 inches; acrylic on panel

April 18 – May 12, 2017

Front Window Gallery is pleased to present Fate, a visually rich painting by Karin Waskiewicz.  Combining a building up and breaking down of materials, Waskiewicz cuts, gouges, and drills into multiple layers of acrylic to reveal surprising combinations of colors and forms. Equal parts sculpture and painting, Fate exudes a tactile energy reaching far beyond the boundaries of the rectangle support on which it sits. Waskiewicz wrings forth from her labor-intensive process highly suggestive and metaphorically charged imagery resembling swarms of things (birds, gnats, clouds, etc.), undulating liquid, or even a schematic of a synaptic network.